Connecting Families

Toni Howard
Project Description

Toni Howard

  • Ligas Family Advocate
  • Community Service Options, Inc.
  • Phone: 708-331-7370

My son Kevin currently resides in an ICF-DD. His father and I would like for him to live in a smaller setting, preferably a CILA. Kevin was diagnosed as having Autism when he was approximately two years old. This was over twenty-five years ago when Autism was relatively unheard of. I was familiar with Autism because I had studied it briefly during my Graduate studies in Special Education. My son’s diagnosis and lack of support changed me from being a quiet and rather passive mother into someone who had to become aggressive about securing my son’s future. My goal then is the same as it is now to make sure that Kevin lives a life that encourages him and others to reach their full potential.

I am currently serving on the LIGAS Class Member/Family Advisory Council. I hope that in my position of Family Advocate that I can share information about options with other class members and their families that will ultimately lead to a better quality of life for our love ones!”

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