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Missy Kichline
Project Description

Missy Kichline

My name is Missy Kichline. My family lives in Godfrey along the Mississippi River. My husband, Brian, and I have raised three delightful, young women; Leigh-Ellen who is 25 and living in China, Samantha (Sam) who is 23 and living at home with a active life and Grace who is 21 and attending school in Carbondale.

What drives my passion for being a Ligas Family Advocate at the heart is my daughter Sam. Sam is a Red Cross Blood donor and proud of it! She volunteers at two local agencies, attends a program at a local community college, enjoys going to movies, plays, swimming, restaurants and being with her boyfriend and friends. She uses public transportation and para-transit services.

Sam has Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome is different for everyone who has it. For Sam, it means she needs daily living assistance in many aspects of life; from finding employment opportunities to personal grooming activities such as cutting finger nails.

We completed the paperwork for the Home-Based Support Services the first year the program became a Medicaid Waiver Program for adults with developmental disabilities. We then waited for roughly eight years along with 20,000 some odd other individuals for services.

The Ligas settlement provides the opportunity for individuals to secure and create meaningful lives in community. My excitement is driven by the opportunities this landmark settlement provides. I look forward to sharing and working with other individuals and families on this same journey.

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